Product Owner Engineering, Hydrogen applications

Building, supporting and developing a customer-side agile team (Scrum) in the role of Product Owner Engineering. The project content handled was predominantly in the area of ​​hydrogen applications (gaseous, pressure up to approx. 1,000 bar).

In addition to the Product Owner Engineering, the team was made up of the following team members: Scrum Master, Developer (development engineers), validation engineers and, for individual order processing, also production (prototyping for A samples and B samples), measurement technology and quality management.

The project was carried out within the framework of an IATF-compliant product development plan for the individual components or systems. Project contents were e.g. b.

  • Development of tube dimensions and interfaces (swageheads and spigot nuts) for hydrogen applications
  • Engineering design of hydrogen distribution systems (e.g. for a hydrogen filling station, various multi-element gas containers (MEGC), tank systems for vehicles) for stationary and mobile applications
  • Technical and organizational support for the industrialization of a hydrogen rail (port fuel injection) for a mobile application
  • Definition of the scope of work for individual projects; Maintaining the product backlog and product development plans in the individual sample phases
  • Supporting sales in assessing incoming inquiries regarding requirements and expected development efforts